Zaton - Kornati - Lošinj

day 1 : Zaton – Zlarin

Climb on the highest peak of Zlarin and see the majestic Velebit mountain rising above the sea. 

day 2 : Zlarin – Hramina (Murter)

Murter, first inhabited by ancient Illyrians, has a tradition that spans thousands of years. A stroll around Murter is a walk around history. 

day 3 : Murter - Zadar

Zadar is the oldest continuously inhabited Croatian city. It has survived everything, from Avars and Early Slavs through Romans, Venetians and Crusaders, Zadar stood strong. Today, it’s a city of massive cultural and historical heritage too large to put in a few sentences.

day 4 : Zadar – Šimuni (Pag)

Šimuni captures all desires of sailors - if you want to relax, the marina is there to welcome you, if you want to party, Zrće is not far away and if you want to take a tour around, visit the Camping Village or the natural reservation park Dubrava-Hanzine.

day 5 : Šimuni - Ilovik

Ilovik connects the flora and fauna of the Adriatic in a wonderful fashion - easily earning and keeping the moniker The Island of Flowers.

day 6 : Ilovik – Mali Lošinj

Mali Lošinj lies on the sunny side of the Lošinj island. In 17th century, the city of Mali Lošinj had eleven shipyards, making it the most developed marine in the Adriatic at the time. Now, it’s a tourist zone with warm climate, fashionable accomodation and attractive beaches.

day 7 : Mali Lošinj – Susak - Silba

Susak is first mentioned as a battlefield between the Saracens and Venetians. Now, it’s a peaceful tourist destination where people can find out something about intriguing local clothing tradition.

Silba is an island of many nicknames - Pedestrian Island, Inspiration island, Love Island. Cars are forbidden, because you’ll better experience inspiration and love by walking.

day 8 : Silba - Premuda

Premuda is special choice among sailors and recreational fishermen for the Krijal Bay. For the divers however, if offers an underground cave system known as the Cathedral and a wreckage of an old Austro-Hungarian Navy dreadnought.

day 9 : Premuda – Pantera bay (Dugi Otok)

Pantera bay is the most famous mooring place on the northwest side of the Dugi Otok. The bay looks like a lagoon and is eagerly visited by everyone looking a pretty sight.

day 10 : Pantera bay - Sali

Sacred buildings, music festivals, National Parks, tourist facilities… You will never get bored at the town of Sali. 

day 11 : Sali – Telaščica bay - NP Kornati, Ravni Žakan

Telašćica bay is one of the safest natural bays on the Adriatic coast. This beautiful bay hides 25 small beaches, all awaiting for you to discover them.

Ravni Žakan is uninhabited island with only  two inns and two small harbors. It even has a small sports playground for football and basketball lovers.

day 12 : Ravni Žakan - Kaprije

Spends some time with locals on island Kaprije and learn to play balote - the traditional Croatian bowling game.

day 13 : Kaprije - Vodice

Vodice are a town known for the best nightlife on Dalmatian coast. There are cultural and historical sites worth a visit too, for those that enjoy a more peaceful setting.

day 14 : Vodice - Zaton

Zaton has barely 600 residents that permanently live there, but with a sheltered bay, wonderful weather and water quality Zaton is a destination for many tourists.

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