About us - long story short

Years and years of sailing experience and coast exploration. Dozens of organized trips visiting unique and intriguing Croatian islands. But our most proudest feat? Hundreds of happy new and old sailors. Want to become one of them?

Maja Lončar

Sailing Experience Organizer and Owner

With 7 years of experience in charter industry and a
whole ocean of love for yachts and sailing, Maja is here to prepare
everything you need for a no-stress, worry-free charter experience -
from finding a boat to advising you about every detail of the trip. And
it’s all just a drop in the ocean of what Potters Sailing can offer.
Personalized approach, flexibility and a tailor-made charter experience
- she can make it all happen. So, whether you’re an experienced sea dog
or a wannabe captain, you’ll be on the same wave length with our
sailing organizer. No matter what your needs, wishes and sailing ideas
are, Maja will always find something special, just for you!

Josipa Dodić, stewardess/deckhand

So much energy and heart in one person - Josipa enjoys working with people and speaks fluent English, all while being a certified nurse and a massage therapist. Oh and did we mention what a fine chef she is? Where does it end, Josipa? :)

Ante Koloper,

As likeable as they go, our Ante always finds new ways to keep you entertained. A skilled skipper who’s always on the go - creative, precise and interesting, you’ll surely enjoy your trip with him - all of our guests can verify that!

Ana Kutija,
yoga instructor

With over 22 years of experience in Pilates, Gymnastics and all kinds of yoga, this nurse and sports-medical massage therapist is completely devoted to wellness, stress management and sharing happiness (as well as occasional jokes) on every voyage.

Marko Luketić,

Our Marko is the life of every party. Responsible when it comes to his job, but funny and friendly when it comes to enjoying time with his crew. Speaking English and French, he’s an adventurer to the bone - sailing, rafting, hiking, snowboarding... It’s never boring with this guy, trust us!

Tean Drenški,

Tean is well known for his professional, responsible and patient approach to every traveler. As a Master of Kinesiology and a certified Sailing Teacher & Instructor, he’s always ready to share an advice or an insight into the beautiful world of sailing.

Toma Šoša,

Sailing since 2000, our Toma is very resourceful and educational, but also kind, talkative and pleasant. As a real people’s person, even when it comes to small children or elderly tourists, he’s a real catch for your next sailing holiday!

We are happy to answer
all of your questions: