Sailing guide

Plan your dream holiday

The first step in planning a charter is to decide how many islands to visit given your time frame.

Caribbean or Mediterranean?

The Mediterranean and the Caribbean attract the majority of international tourist flow and they are the two most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Why choose the Caribbean?

A wonderful tropical heaven of Caribbean has perfect weather during winter and spring - the right getaway if you want to get away from the cold.

Why choose the Mediterranean?

A beautiful scenery that is both culturally and historically rich.

Find your perfect vessel

Probably the trickiest part - pick the trip that best fits your expectations! Find the one that suits your plans, your budget, your personality and experience!

Hiring a skipper or not?

Many of our guests have never sailed before, while others are old salts.

Planning the budget12

The second step of planning a sailing trip is determining the cost of such a venture and calculating a budget

Book your perfect boat!

Get a reservation on your favourite boat before it sails away.

Laws and regulations on sailing in Croatia

In order to sail in Croatia, either you must have a sailing license or you must hire a skipper.

Necessary info for every sailing trip

Following information will be useful whether you are using a motor boat, sailing yacht, or other type of vessel.

Tips and tricks for beginners

Here’s some basic information to help your deal with all kind of situations on board.

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