Zaton - Krka - Kornati

day 1 : Zaton - Zlarin

Climb on the highest peak of Zlarin and see the majestic Velebit mountain rising above the sea. 

day 2 : Zlarin – NP Kornati, Ravni Žakan

Ravni Žakan is uninhabited island with only  two inns and two small harbors. It even has a small sports playground for football and basketball lovers.

day 3 : Ravni Žakan – Telašćica bay

Telašćica bay is one of the safest natural bays on the Adriatic coast. This beautiful bay hides 25 small beaches, all awaiting for you to discover them.

day 4 : Telašćica bay – Mala proversa – island Žut

Mala proversa is a beautiful narrow strait under the Mrkotin hill that is overlooking the Telašćica bay.

Otherwise a normal sight in Adriatic islands, Žut is almost barren of maquis shrubland (know also as macchia or makija) due to centuries of fire-fallow cultivation.

day 5 : Žut - Murter

Murter, first inhabited by ancient Illyrians, has a tradition that spans thousands of years. A stroll around Murter is a walk around history. 

day 6 : Murter - Vodice - Skradin

Vodice are a town known for the best nightlife on Dalmatian coast. There are cultural and historical sites worth a visit too, for those that enjoy a more peaceful setting.

Skradin is a coastal city with colourful stone houses and paved streets - a romantic mediterranean getaway.

day 7 : Skradin - Zaton

Zaton has barely 600 residents that permanently live there, but with a sheltered bay, wonderful weather and water quality Zaton is a destination for many tourists.

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