Biograd na moru - Vis - Hvar

day 1 : Biograd - Ždrelac bay

Beautiful sandy Matlovac beach awaits you at Ždrelac bay where you can visit the 13th century church of Saint Luke built completely in stone and the imposing Ždrelac bridge. 

day 2 : Ždrelac - Molat

Molat Island is surrounded by smaller islands and islets where you can find the much desired peace and quiet. It’s the perfect setting for reading a book! Visit Molat library which counts over 6000 books.

day 3 : Molat - Silba - Ilovik

Silba is an island of many nicknames - Pedestrian Island, Inspiration island, Love Island. Cars are forbidden, because you’ll better experience inspiration and love by walking.

Ilovik connects the flora and fauna of the Adriatic in a wonderful fashion - easily earning and keeping the moniker The Island of Flowers.

day 4 : Ilovik – Šimuni

Šimuni captures all desires of sailors - if you want to relax, the marina is there to welcome you, if you want to party, Zrće is not far away and if you want to take a tour around, visit the Camping Village or the natural reservation park Dubrava-Hanzine.

day 5 : Šimuni - Olib

Island Olib was known even by the Byzantine emperor Constantine VII. Search for the remains of an old roman village and return to the Classical period of ancient Romans.

day 6 : Olib - Iž

Iž holds a secret - a local pottery technique which perseveres olive oil and food, giving them a special taste, known only to Iž tenants. 

day 7 : Iž - Biograd

When you’re back in Biograd, your journey isn’t over. Visit the National Parks Paklenica, Kornatski arhipelag (Kornati Archipelago) and Krka or visit Nature Parks Telašćica and Vransko jezero.

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