Sukošan - Kornati - Skradin

day 1: Sukošan – Veli Iž (island of Iž)

Veli Iž has a summer festivity that gives you a peak into local tradition, customs, dancing and culinary masterpieces. The climax of the festivity is an old tradition of choosing a king for a period of a year. 

day 2: Veli Iž – Pantera bay (Dugi Otok)

Pantera bay is the most famous mooring place on the northwest side of the Dugi Otok. The bay looks like a lagoon and is eagerly visited by everyone looking a pretty sight.

day 3: Pantera bay – Sali (Dugi Otok)

Sacred buildings, music festivals, National Parks, tourist facilities… You will never get bored at the town of Sali. 

day 4: Sali - Vrulja bay (Kornati)

Vrulja bay is the most famous bay in town of Brela, special because it’s only reachable by foot or from the sea side. Visitors can also enjoy diving in the area full of fish or go on a kayak tour.

day 5: Vrulja - Zlarin

Climb on the highest peak of Zlarin and see the majestic Velebit mountain rising above the sea. 

day 6: Zlarin – Skradin (Krka)

Skradin is a coastal city with colourful stone houses and paved streets - a romantic mediterranean getaway.

day 7: Skradin - Sukošan

Thanks to the marina “Dalmatia”, Sukošan has become a nautical haven and thanks to the luxury suites, it’s also a tourist heaven.

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