Sukošan - Hvar - Korčula - Skradin

day 1: Sukošan – Island Žut

Otherwise a normal sight in Adriatic islands, Žut is almost barren of maquis shrubland (know also as macchia or makija) due to centuries of fire-fallow cultivation.

day 2: Zut – Pantera bay (island of Dugi Otok)

Pantera bay is the most famous mooring place on the northwest side of the Dugi Otok. The bay looks like a lagoon and is eagerly visited by everyone looking a pretty sight.

day 3: Pantera bay – Vrulja bay (Kornati national park)

Vrulja bay is the most famous bay in town of Brela, special because it’s only reachable by foot or from the sea side. Visitors can also enjoy diving in the area full of fish or go on a kayak tour.

day 4: Vrulja - Primošten

Visit the vineyards of Primošten, famous for a special local sorts of grapes and wait for the evening festivities of fishermen.

day 5: Primosten - Trogir

Trogir was founded in 3rd century by Greek colonists and has a high concentration of palaces, towers, fortifications and churches. The city is the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic complex in Central Europe.

day 6: Trogir – Hvar (island of Hvar)

Hvar is an oasis of culture, heritage and beautiful scenery. For some one of 10 most beautiful islands in the world, for others undisputed queen of Croatian islands. Lavender fields, olive trees and vineyards and quality local food wherever you turn. Make no mistake, small inns, called konobe, are hiding the true local culinary delicacies.  

day 7: Hvar – Korcula (island of Korcula)

Korčula is home to many legends. According to one, Korčula was founded by Trojan hero Antenor in the 12th century. According to another, Marco Polo was born there. This island will never stop intriguing visitors and inhabitants.

day 8: Korčula - Skrivena luka (island of Lastovo)

Skrivena luka, or Hidden harbor, is a natural beach with rocks, boulder and pebbles, created naturally without any human influence. A gift of the Adriatic sea.

day 9: Skrivena luka – Komiža (island of Vis)

Komiža is an island with proud fisherman history and home to the only Fisherman’s Museum in Croatia. 

day 10: Komiža – Zlarin (island of Zlarin)

Climb on the highest peak of Zlarin and see the majestic Velebit mountain rising above the sea. 

day 11: Zlarin – Skradin (Krka national park)

Skradin is a coastal city with colourful stone houses and paved streets - a romantic mediterranean getaway.

day 12: Skradin - Tijat

Visit Tijat and find out why the olives are disappearing. Perhaps it has something to do with 500 mouflons inhabiting the island?

day 13: Tijat – Murter (island of Murter)

Murter, first inhabited by ancient Illyrians, has a tradition that spans thousands of years. A stroll around Murter is a walk around history. 

day 14: Murter - Sukošan

Thanks to the marina “Dalmatia”, Sukošan has become a nautical haven and thanks to the luxury suites, it’s also a tourist heaven.

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