Punat - Lošinj - Molat

day 1 : Punat – Bracol bay (Krk)

Krk, one of the largest Croatian islands, hides underneath the ground a couple of limestone caves - a natural formation showing the true power and creativity of nature.

day 2 : Bracol bay – Rab

Rab is one of the most popular Croatian islands. It has beautiful scenery of absolutely every single Adriatic wonder - rocky, pebble and sandy beaches, hidden coves, long and breathtaking coastline… It truly is as Romans described it, Felix Arba or Happy Rab. 

day 3 : Rab - Silba

Silba is an island of many nicknames - Pedestrian Island, Inspiration island, Love Island. Cars are forbidden, because you’ll better experience inspiration and love by walking.

day 4 : Silba – Tramerka island – Molat

Tramerka is an uninhabited island with rocky beaches and a dense pine forest. Peace, shade and beach - what more do you need?

Molat Island is surrounded by smaller islands and islets where you can find the much desired peace and quiet. It’s the perfect setting for reading a book! Visit Molat library which counts over 6000 books.

day 5 : Molat – Ilovik

Ilovik connects the flora and fauna of the Adriatic in a wonderful fashion - easily earning and keeping the moniker The Island of Flowers.

day 6 : Ilovik – Supetarska Draga (Rab)

Supetarska Draga is one of the oldest places on Rab island. It is surrounded by three small and unpopulated islands with wild beaches. 

day 7 : Supetarska Draga - Punat

According to a local legend, a Roman bridge passed through the valley entrance. Krk noblemen that settled Punat apparently protected the approach to the bridge and to the Punat valley.

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