Dubrovnik - Lastovo - Korčula

day 1 : Dubrovnik – Lopud

Small Lopud became a part of the Republic of Ragusa in the 15th century and as the Ragusa economy rose to incredible heights, Lopud soon amassed a gigantic fleet of 80 ships. Now, Lopud boasts with 2 monasteries, couple of summer manors and 30 churches.

day 2 : Lopud - Saplunara bay, NP Mljet

Saplunara bay is known for sandy beach surrounded by dense pine trees. The bay is unique for its warm waters throughout the whole year, made possible by its geographical location.

day 3 : Saplunara bay – Pomena, NP Mljet

Pomena is a small, adorable harbour village with just over 50 inhabitants living off of fishing, farming and tourism.

day 4 : Pomena – Zaklopatica bay

Zaklopatica bay is one of the best kept secret. Villas and houses encircle the bay creating a wonderful welcoming feeling, as if the bay welcomes you with open arms.

day 5 : Zaklopatica bay – Korčula

Korčula is home to many legends. According to one, Korčula was founded by Trojan hero Antenor in the 12th century. According to another, Marco Polo was born there. This island will never stop intriguing visitors and inhabitants.

day 6 : Korčula – Polače

Polače got their name from a roman palace built by an exiled Roman who later refused to return to Rome, naming the village “their own little empire” and sending the emperor an aleppo pine branch with a bird’s nest and seashell. Or so the legend says...

day 7 : Polače – Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is already well known and definitely the most popular tourist location on whole of Croatia’s coast. When you’re done exploring the little islets and hidden islands, take a stroll down Stradun and enjoy the glamour of Dubrovnik.

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