Šibenik - Vis - Hvar

Day 1 : Šibenik – Primošten

Visit the vineyards of Primošten, famous for a special local sorts of grapes and wait for the evening festivities of fishermen.

day 2 : Primošten - Krknjaši bay

Krknjaši bay, or Blue Lagoon, has an unbelievable hue of crystal clear water which make it unique experience, resembling the most distant tropical paradises.

day 3 : Krknjaši bay – Komiža

Komiža is an island with proud fisherman history and home to the only Fisherman’s Museum in Croatia. 

day 4 : Komiža - Blue cave – Palmižana

Blue Cave on Biševo is a stunning natural phenomenon and a sight you’ll never forget. 

Palmižana is the most famous Hvar destination with a nautical marina. The island is home to plants like rosemary and heather. There are other exotic plants on the island, but, we’ll leave that discovery for you.

day 5 : Palmižana – Maslinica

Maslinica is most famous for its pine forests, hidden rocky beaches and the 18th century castle that used to belong to noble family of Marchi.

day 6 : Maslinica – Rogoznica

Rogoznica is Dalmatia on a smaller scale. Long and rich history, beautiful church of Saint Nicholas along with a bell tower, Milna cave, Dragon’s eye lake and of course clear sea, delightful beaches and attractive coves.

day 7 : Rogoznica – Zlarin - Šibenik

Climb on the highest peak of Zlarin and see the majestic Velebit mountain rising above the sea. 

Šibenik is a city of proud Croatian history. It was founded by Croats and it was the capital for King Petar Krešimir the Fourth. Šibenik was the birthplace of famous Dražen Petrović, the greatest Croatian basketball player.

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