Šibenik - Kornati - Molat

day 1 : Šibenik – Kaprije

Spends some time with locals on island Kaprije and learn to play balote - the traditional Croatian bowling game.

day 2 : Kaprije - Opat – NP Kornati, Piškera

Inn “Opat” will welcome you with lavishing food, refreshing cocktails and warm, family hospitality. It’s owned by family Božikov since 1988.  

Piškera is uninhabited and houses only the marina with 150 berths, safe and ready for use from March to October.

day 3 : Piškera – Telašćica bay

Telašćica bay is one of the safest natural bays on the Adriatic coast. This beautiful bay hides 25 small beaches, all awaiting for you to discover them.

day 4 : Telašćica – Veli Iž

Veli Iž has a summer festivity that gives you a peak into local tradition, customs, dancing and culinary masterpieces. The climax of the festivity is an old tradition of choosing a king for a period of a year. 

day 5 : Veli Iž – Molat

Molat Island is surrounded by smaller islands and islets where you can find the much desired peace and quiet. It’s the perfect setting for reading a book! Visit Molat library which counts over 6000 books.

day 6 : Molat – Sutomiščica bay

Sutomiščica is a small attractive bay with a harbor for sailors. A curious thing about this bay - right next to the harbor is a football field of the local club named after the archangel Michael. 

day 7 : Sutomiščica bay – Vrgada – Šibenik

Visit Gradina, an early medieval fortress on Vrgada which was used to oversee the Adriatic sea routes during the Byzantine rule.

Šibenik is a city of proud Croatian history. It was founded by Croats and it was the capital for King Petar Krešimir the Fourth. Šibenik was the birthplace of famous Dražen Petrović, the greatest Croatian basketball player.

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