Zadar - Lošinj - Rab

day 1 : Zadar – Sutomiščica bay

Sutomiščica is a small attractive bay with a harbor for sailors. A curious thing about this bay - right next to the harbor is a football field of the local club named after the archangel Michael. 

day 2 : Sutomiščica bay – Molat

Molat Island is surrounded by smaller islands and islets where you can find the much desired peace and quiet. It’s the perfect setting for reading a book! Visit Molat library which counts over 6000 books.

day 3 : Molat – Ilovik

Ilovik connects the flora and fauna of the Adriatic in a wonderful fashion - easily earning and keeping the moniker The Island of Flowers.

day 4 : Ilovik – Veli Lošinj

Veli Lošinj is a botanical heaven. There are 80 types of plants growing in popular villa gardens around the island, while in front of the former residence of Karl Stephan, the Archduke of Austria, lie more than 200 botanical species.

day 5 : Veli Lošinj – Rab

Rab is one of the most popular Croatian islands. It has beautiful scenery of absolutely every single Adriatic wonder - rocky, pebble and sandy beaches, hidden coves, long and breathtaking coastline… It truly is as Romans described it, Felix Arba or Happy Rab. 

day 6 : Rab - Olib

Island Olib was known even by the Byzantine emperor Constantine VII. Search for the remains of an old roman village and return to the Classical period of ancient Romans.

day 7 : Olib – Zadar

Zadar is the oldest continuously inhabited Croatian city. It has survived everything, from Avars and Early Slavs through Romans, Venetians and Crusaders, Zadar stood strong. Today, it’s a city of massive cultural and historical heritage too large to put in a few sentences.

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