Sailing Zadar Region The sub-region of Zadar is the northernmost part of the historical and geographic region of Dalmatia. It is full of contrasts and its main city, Zadar, a city with a 3,000-year history, has been recognized for its interesting architecture, cultural and historical monuments, and its atmosphere, a synergy that attracts a large number of visitors.

Zadar, the fifth largest Croatian city, sits right in the middle of the Croatian coast. It is smaller than Split and less crowded than Dubrovnik but is just as interesting as those two towns.

With its highly indented coast, filled with hidden bays, coves and beaches, it will definitely satisfy your inquisitive nautical spirit. The Zadar region has 24 islands and as many as 300 islets and rocks. Despite extremely sharp competition, the special and most celebrated among them is Galešnjak, or the island of Love, a fame that it acquired thanks to its heart-shaped appearance.

The Zadar Archipelago is attractive to sailors, but also to businessmen willing to consider the option of holding business meetings, banquets, and other programs in the exceptional atmosphere of sailing on the sea.

Charter a yacht in Zadar and go on a quick island-hopping tour, from Silba and Olib in the north to Dugi otok and Pašman in the south. If you're looking for a quiet vacation, book a bareboat charter and fully explore Premuda and Ist islands. At the southern end of Dugi otok lies Nature park Telašćica. Right across Telašćica, you'll see Kornati National Park.

Kornati is the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean. Take your catamaran on a cruise around the islands and they will impress you with their stark and naked beauty. Ugljan and Pašman islands are ideal for those who like to catch their own food while sailing. 

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