Planning the budget12

If you are planning a trip with other charterers, split the cost among the other sailors onboard the vessel to make it fair and cut down on the costs for any one individual. Planning ahead for both basic necessities and other details, even the most trivial, can save a charterer a lot of time, money, and frustration!

The benefits of a sailing trip can be summed up in a single word: options. Chartered sailboat trips give many options to help you create the trip you’ve always wanted to take with a budget that meets your needs.

Price ranges and types of sailboats go hand in hand, and you can have your pick among different sizes, accommodations, and luxury add-ons. Destination options are also numerous and varied depending on the location.

You can explore the Caribbean, Mediterranean, or any other site that charters boats. A sailing trip affords you freedom, sunshine, and easy access to the water without the hassle and extra cost of hotel rooms. Anything extra you decide to buy of participate in is your choice, but you can stick exclusively to the boat if you choose. Very few vacations have everything you need in one place!

There are costs you should include while planning a budget;

Costs of Chartering a Yacht 

The price of a charter yacht is just a small fraction of the overall cost of your holiday, and the cheaper the yacht often means the bigger the problems. You should, by all means, choose a charter yacht according to your budget. However, do not be cheap and try to save yourself some money because, in the end, the difference in price may be the difference in safety or spoil holidays. 
The price of the vessel rent refers to the weekly rent based on a Saturday to Saturday charter. The cost of the vessel rent depends on the vessel type; year built, as well as the period of sailing (the same vessel has different prices in different periods). 

The basic costs 

NOTE: During the high-season (from May until September), most charter companies stick to their weekly charter system (Saturday to Saturday charter). Since these are the busiest months for the charter companies, most weeks are sold out well in advance (the price is unlikely to be flexible, and you will usually be charged for a full week). However, besides their standard Saturday-to-Saturday arrangements, in some cases special arrangements can be made to respond the clients’ needs. Sailing trips lasting less than a week are generally arranged in the off-season (October - April/May). 

You can check the most precise information about the prices of each vessel in our offer using the filter on the top.  
By clicking on yacht, you can find all the technical details, boat brochures, as well as the availability of boats throughout the whole year. You can also place a booking request on a particular vessel in your desired sailing period.  

The vessel price includes the following: 

Dinghy + paddles 
Bed linen (charter agencies in Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro) 
Cooking utensils 
Safety equipment (please note that it is necessary to inform us if there will be children on board, so that we can provide them with life vests suited to their age and growth) 
Nautical maps and pilot books 
Other necessary equipment for a safe and pleasant sailing required by law 

When booking a boat, make sure to check if your boat is equipped with towels or if you can rent them on the boat. If not, you should take your towels (both beach towels, as well as those for personal hygiene). 

Additional costs – obligatory 

Final cleaning of the boat (paid in cash during the check-in procedure upon your arrival or payment - depending on the charter company). 
In rare cases, the final cleaning is already included in the vessel price. In most cases, it depends on the vessel size and the prices range from €100 to €200 per boat. In some cases, but rarely the amount for the final cleaning is determined according to the number of people on board - in such cases, the prices range from €10 to €15 per person 
Transit log / charter pack / comfort pack (paid in cash during the check-in procedure upon your arrival, or upon payment - depending on the charter company) usually includes final cleaning, Wi-Fi, bed linen, a basic package for toilets and kitchen, a gas bottle, etc. The price depends on the vessel size and ranges from €100 to €300. 
Marine fuel - - depends on your motoring needs and weather, from three to 10 litres per hour (depending on the size of the sailing boat). The vessel is taken over with a full tank and, therefore, has to be returned with the full fuel tank as well. When taking over the vessel, we advise you to check where is the nearest gas station to fill the tank when returning to the base. Please note that there is a gas station within almost every marina. 
Refundable insurance deposit (paid either by cash or credit card) - the refundable insurance deposit, which you pay upon arrival, covers possible boat, equipment, and inventory damage. In case of boat damage or equipment loss, the amount of the caused damage is paid with the deposit money, whereas the insurance company covers higher amounts. If the boat is returned undamaged, the deposit will return to you. 
If hiring a skipper, they are responsible for all the damage caused while manoeuvring, mooring or anchoring the vessel. The amount of the refundable insurance deposit depends on the vessel type and size, and it ranges from €1500 to €5000. 
Mooring fees - should you opt for overnight stays in marinas. The price of the berth per day ranges from approx. 50 € to 300 €, depending on the size of the vessel, sailing period, as well as a marina. 
These costs refer to all the marinas, except a base marina where your boat berths (where an annual mooring pays for the vessel). 

Additional costs - on request 

Skipper - skipper costs amount to approx. €120 to €220 per day + food. Skipper's services are usually paid separately from vessel costs (in cash, upon your arrival to the base where your boat berths). 
Food and drinks are not included in this price, you have to buy that on your own before boarding (you usually have a supermarket at your disposal near the marina) and some charter agencies offer the possibility of food delivery on board at an extra charge. However, you also have to provide a skipper with food (apart from the amount you pay him per day). Should you decide to eat out in a restaurant, you have three options: 
1. you can take a skipper with you 
2. give them money to buy the food and drink on their own (approx. €20 to €30 per day) 
3. buy enough food, so that a skipper can eat on board while you are in a restaurant 
In the event of a bareboat charter, a client skipper must be in possession of a certificate of competence to charter a boat. It is also a legal requirement for one member of the crew to be qualified for operation with the VHF station. 
Hostess - approx. €120 per day + food. Their services include the following: bedding, cleaning, babysitting, preparing breakfast or short meal, shopping groceries, etc. 
Cook - €150 per day + food 
Note: all crew members have to be provided with food - please check the explanation above, in the section "Skipper". 

Additional equipment 

Outboard engine - every vessel has a dinghy with paddles in its standard equipment. If you want to be faster in exploring the coastal area with a dinghy, you can rent an outboard engine. The prices range from €80 to €150 per week. 
Sails (spinnaker, gennaker, blister). These sails are not included in the standard equipment, but can be rented at extra charge, and are usually rented by more experienced sailors. The prices range from €100 to €300 per week. 
Safety net - *useful if you have children on board. For most vessels, there is a possibility of taking a safety net at additional cost (approx. €80 - depending on the size of the boat, as well as a charter agency). The net is then put along the sides of the boat. 


One-way fee - some agencies offer a possibility of starting your sailing trip in one base and returning a boat to another. The prices range from €350 to €1000. 
Extra fee for pets - some charter agencies also offer this possibility for approx. €110 per week. 
Transfer - if arriving by plane, a charter agency can organize a transfer for your sailing group from the airport to the marina where your boat is berthed, vice versa (taxi, 8-passenger van, minibus). 
Parking lot in a secured parking area within the marina (if arriving by car) - approx. €5 to €10 per day. 
Participation in regattas - *usually additional 20% on the boat price or security deposit. 
Entrance fees for national parks, should you decide to visit them. 
Earlier check in- earlier embarkation on Saturday approx. around 13.00h 

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