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The choice of boat is largely dependent upon personal tastes, preferences, and budget constraints, but there are plenty of yachts from which to choose.

Some vessels differ greatly while others may vary only slightly or superficially. Once a budget is decided upon, begin searching for charters that fall into your price range. After the range is determined, you can start cutting down your options by the type of boat, amenities available and other perks or options for a particular vessel.

The best advice is to research sailboats and find which type fits your needs best. If it fits within your budget, extras and add-ons can always be included later, but the first decision should always be the boat itself and you can build from there.

Before choosing a vessel, please bear in mind the following details:

There are four types of vessels available for charter in Croatia: sailboats, catamarans, gulets and motor yachts. Understanding what each particular vessel type is offering is very important to choose the right vessel for your holidays.

Sailboats are the most popular boats for charter and are suitable for family holidays as well as for an active vacation. Operating a sailboat requires skill and years of experience. Sailboats are slower than motor boats and are an excellent choice for those who have lots of time to explore the Croatian coastline and its islands.

Most boats have sails you will need to put up and down and change (although some are set up to be as easy to handle as possible). That means you can involve all your crew in a way you can't on a power boat. If you are looking to get away, there is nothing like the silence and natural power of sail, and I truly feel you are closer to nature when gliding through the water without the assistance of an engine. Of course, most yachts will have an engine as well, so when you run out of breeze or have a difficult harbour to negotiate, you can always turn to it, while enjoying the delights of sail the rest of the time.  

If you love sailing and you find comfort, spaciousness and stability of the vessel on the sea as the most important things during your holidays then the catamaran charter is the right choice for you.

Power boats are the ideal choice for those who love luxury, speed, power and want to get quickly to a selected destination. Power boats are more spacious on the accommodation front. You don't need to worry about sailing performance upwind (which generally means sailing yachts are narrower and sit lower in the water) or storing your sails. They can seem more accessible as most people drive a car and operating an engine-powered craft seems a lot more familiar than engaging with a foreign world of sails. Of course, some people will enjoy learning a new skill, but there's no doubt that it's much easier to learn the basics of powerboating than sail if you are starting from scratch.

Although some sailing craft can be very fast, they are the ones that generally command a high skill level to operate. If you want to go really fast, power has to be the winner. If you want a boat to wakeboard or water-ski behind, power it is. With larger power boats you might take sail-based toys with you - a windsurfer or small dinghy, or, if you're a superyacht owner you may have a whole array of toys.

Gulets are cruise crewed vessels and are ideal choice for those who want to enjoy all the benefits of the Croatian coast without thinking about preparing the meals or taking care about the boat. Those wooden sailing boats offer perfect combination of excitement that offers sailing and the comfort of large cruise ships.

Do you require a skipper or not? If you need skipper's services, please bear in mind that the skipper sleeps on board as well, so one of the berths (either in the saloon area or in a cabin) should be reserved for him.

Do you prefer comfort?

Does your group consist of pairs who can share the same cabin, or do some crew members require a separate cabin?

How many people will be on board?

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