Zadar - Vis - Kornati - Šolta - Dugi Otok

day 1 : Zadar - Ždrelac bay

Beautiful sandy Matlovac beach awaits you at Ždrelac bay where you can visit the 13th century church of Saint Luke built completely in stone and the imposing Ždrelac bridge. 

day 2 : Ždrelac bay– island Murter

Murter, first inhabited by ancient Illyrians, has a tradition that spans thousands of years. A stroll around Murter is a walk around history. 

day 3 : Murter - Primošten

Visit the vineyards of Primošten, famous for a special local sorts of grapes and wait for the evening festivities of fishermen.

day 4 : Primošten – Šešula bay

Unlike other bays, Šešula has something different. A fish farm where you can learn of some new species and a diving center where you can finally snatch that diving license you wanted for so long.

day 5 : Šešula bay - Hells islands, ACI marina Palmižana

Hell’s islands seems infamous due to their name, but you can rest assured that diving in peaceful coves, fishing underwater and playing water sports make these islands a little piece of heaven.

day 6 : Palmižana – Komiža (island Vis)

Komiža is an island with proud fisherman history and home to the only Fisherman’s Museum in Croatia. 

day 7 : Komiža – city of Vis (island Vis)

The city of Vis, historically known as Issa, was a base for Greek colonization of the Adriatic sea. Major archeological finding involve Hellenistic culture and tradition.

day 8 : Vis – Stari Grad (island Hvar)

Stari Grad has a plethora of sacral architecture monuments encompassing gothic, renaissance and baroque era. 

day 9 : Stari Grad – Maslinica

Maslinica is most famous for its pine forests, hidden rocky beaches and the 18th century castle that used to belong to noble family of Marchi.

day 10 : Maslinica – otok Kaprije

Spends some time with locals on island Kaprije and learn to play balote - the traditional Croatian bowling game.

day 11 : Kaprije – NP Kornati (island Piškera)

Piškera is uninhabited and houses only the marina with 150 berths, safe and ready for use from March to October.

day 12 : NP Kornati – Telašćica bay

Telašćica bay is one of the safest natural bays on the Adriatic coast. This beautiful bay hides 25 small beaches, all awaiting for you to discover them.

day 13 : Telašćica bay – Božava (Dugi Otok)

Božava bay has four attractive hotels for the sailors in need for rest and offers a chance to ride on a tourist train and enjoy the view on Dugi otok.

day 14 : Božava - Zadar

Zadar is the oldest continuously inhabited Croatian city. It has survived everything, from Avars and Early Slavs through Romans, Venetians and Crusaders, Zadar stood strong. Today, it’s a city of massive cultural and historical heritage too large to put in a few sentences.

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