Countless bays of hundred of islands which have the protected status of a national park, overwhelm the sailors. The Kornati beaches are a paradise for divers, boaters and anyone who wants to enjoy the solitude. The beaches are, individually, shingle or sandy, shallow and suitable for children.

Kornati islands include 89 uninhabited islands, islets, and reefs, for a total area of 217 km2, and are famous for the cliffs. It seems that the number of islands is even bigger because an old saying says: “As many days in a year, as many Kornati islands”.

The biggest part of the Park is in fact its main island, Kornat, and the entire archipelago was named after it. The greatest fans of the Kornati islands are the boaters who find there what they seek the most: a sunny labyrinth of sea and islands, and the peace of the untouched nature.

The Island Dugi Otok can be found in the North West, and further east there are the islands of Vrgada, Pasman and Murter. Kornat is in the South West and is the largest of the islands, and gives the island group its name.

The island of Dugi Otok (Croatian for ‘Long Island’) takes its name from its geographical shape. At its southern tip is one of the most protected natural harbors in the Adriatic - The Telascica. Here you can go well secured to about 6 meters with your anchor. The island’s landscape has a lot to offer, such as its nature park and the saltwater lake Telascica Mir. A part of Croatia was adjusted under conservation in 1980 to protect the National Park.

The Croatian National Park also includes the sea area surrounding the islands. Cliffs, grottoes and caves can be found on the islands, and the abundance of marine life creates a paradise for divers and snorkelers. 

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